About Us

Since 1965 Midwest Lime has been crushing high quality, high calcium, chemical grade limestone. We produce a wide variety of aggregates for various applications such as asphalt, concrete, road construction, and landscaping. We also produce high calcium agricultural limestone that is incorporated into soils locally and all throughout the delta. Our 55 years in business have provided us the capability to produce large quantities of materials to ensure that no contractor runs out on the job. However, there is no job too small. Midwest Lime is just as happy to sell you a shirt pocket full of gravel as we are a dump truck load.


Producing Quality Materials

We closely inspect all our aggregates as they are crushed and regularly run lab gradations to guarantee that you are receiving our very best.

Providing Customer Service

We realize that if not for our customers,  we would not be here today. We make it a point to see that every customer is satisfied and always treated with respect. 


Mining can be a dangerous profession; that is why safety is one of our top priorities. Midwest Lime company is an MSHA compliant mining facility that boasts one of the best safety records in the industry. As of 2019, Midwest Lime has recorded 28 years without a lost time accident.